Texas Sky

Mission Statement

OTR Philosophy and Goals

This business is the culmination of a Dream over two decades in the making. Living in Fort Davis, Texas in the late 1990s, I intended to open a small business here, but instead had to relocate, so those plans were never realized. At the time, we lived on Delores Mountain, from which vantage we were afforded a lovely view of the town below. I saw more Rainbows during our two years in Fort Davis than I have ever seen elsewhere. One of these post-rain Bows seemed to magically end right in the Heart of Fort Davis. After all these years, there is the opportunity to fulfill this Dream and once again be Somewhere Over that Rainbow.

Now, as then, I/we hold a deep commitment to healing this planet we live on, to contributing in some small and hopefully meaningful way in the repairing of the damage we, as a species, have inflicted, and finding ways to live more mindfully, and with the reverence our Mother Earth deserves. I am joined in this enterprise by two of my now adult children, and I could not be happier. We all share a love of art, creativity and beauty, and a more practical wish to live joyfully while Doing No Harm. We want to provide people with alternatives, in consumer products, in lifestyle and in their interactions with the Earth. While we wish to enjoy life and live well, we also want to shorten the food chain, enhance our relationship with the planet and her eco/bio-system, reuse, repurpose and help in some small way to rebuild a broken culture and agricultural system.  

We wish for our business to reflect our spiritual and ecological ideals, and to be a vehicle for us toward a regenerative lifestyle. However, we need to accomplish this through education and illumination, never by indoctrination or evangelism. We want to demonstrate and teach by example. It is our pledge to give back and participate in the community for the betterment of all. Additionally, a percentage of our profit will be allocated for Earth-Centric Organizations such as The Big Bend Conservation Alliance.