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About Us

The End Of The Rainbow

Last year, we moved 1500 miles to get back Somewhere Over the Rainbow. After living here, all too briefly, in the late 1990s, I spent twenty years wishing to be back. It became a possibility during one of the strangest times this country has seen in recent history. While Covid-19 remained uppermost in everyone’s thoughts and only the rising violence in American cities succeeded in usurping it in the headlines, we traveled the long roads in Between. Coming Home— and none too soon in our view.

Who We Are

We are family, a mom and two adult children with a common love for art, creativity and a life that includes both. We share a passion for sustainability and caring for this planet. We like small town living, and the ideals of community and social responsibility that go with them.

Gabriel Robinette

Co-Owner, Technical Director

Gaia Robinette

Sales Manager
Co-Owner, Art and Creative Director

Gwen Simmons

Business Administrator
Co-Owner, Curator, Inventory Control

Why and What We Are

Our business, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, is meant to be a retail/graphic fusion with an online (still in the future as I write this) as well as brick and mortar presence. We recognize that running a business in a small town largely dependent on a seasonal tourist trade likely wont prosper without access to a larger market. Though it is our aim to always put Community first, we would like to do so from a broader foundation of economic stability.

It is our aim to focus first and foremost on this local community and economy as it coincides with our deep environmental concerns. Though continuing to maintain a diverse market base, we hope to keep our social and environmental ethics as the lodestone of our lives, professionally and personally.

Our wish is that our business  reflect our spiritual and ecological ideals, and become a vehicle  toward realizing a more Regenerative lifestyle. However, we wish to accomplish this through education and illumination, never by indoctrination or evangelism. We hope to demonstrate and teach by example. It is our pledge to give back and participate in the community for the betterment of all. Additionally, a percentage of our profit will be allocated for Earth-Centric Organizations such as the Nature Conservancy.

Downtown Fort Davis

What We Sell

At Somewhere Over the Rainbow we sell custom designed new items (tee shirts, hats, cards and other graphic products), curated eco-friendly, sustainable living and low waste packaging merchandise, health and wellness related goods and services, alongside a selection of vintage/pre-used/recycled items.

We like the General Store/Mercantile Model of retail. We would like to carry seasonal items; Organic Seeds and Gardening supplies, Art, Jewelry and Cards, Home Decor and Supplies for better living. We are just getting started. We can’t wait to see where this goes.