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Pronghorn Marfa

08/13/2021 By Gwen

Shopping~ Our Larger Local

This week we are featuring yet another favorite among the shopping possibilities in our West Texas #LargerLocal neighborhood. Pronghorn, now located at 125 Highland Street in Marfa had humbler beginnings. We first met Mark Wilkerson, proprietor of Pronghorn, along with Cody David Bauer, when we moved back to Fort Davis last summer. At the time, Pronghorn was a tiny shop in the J. Davis Emporium just off State Street.

I liked Mark immediately, and soon found out we shared many of the same tastes in art, and a similar philosophy regarding life and business.  Over the months that followed, I continued to frequent the cute little shop. Two of my favorite paintings at home came from Pronghorn Fort Davis, along with a number of other treasures. (Yes, Pronghorn is a store for discovering Treasures.) 

Last fall, when Mark had an opportunity to move Pronghorn to the much more appealing location in downtown Marfa, I was very happy for him, but sad that Fort Davis had lost such a wonderful shop.

Pronghorn is blossoming in its new home, however. We make the comparatively short trip over to Marfa as often as we have the time, and have been delighted to watch the store not only fill up with wares exotic and rare, but to take on the wonderful and unique design aesthetic of its owner. It’s been great fun watching it grow.

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Pronghorn Marfa

Pronghorn Shopping

Here's What You Need to Know

Pronghorn is an eclectic art and design store showcasing and offering a range of uncommon objects, vintage clothing, art and jewelry. They can also provide assistance with estate planning and full service interior design.

Go check out this fun and funky store located in beautiful downtown Marfa at 125 N. Highland.

Contact Pronghorn

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Hours  are Wednesday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and  Sunday 10 am to 3 pm.

Mark at Pronghorn Marfa
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