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03/03/2023 By Gwen

Almost Spring Break in West Texas~ March, the first month of Spring, when the Calendar finally makes it official, and when everyone from families of school age children to college students take advantage of some time off to explore, is upon us. In West Texas, we will be ready to greet the many tourists that seek out this wild and wide open corner of the Lone Star State.

Spring Break is a divider for us. The wind is still wild, the weather still changeable and unpredictable, but wildflowers and tree buds are showing up everywhere, and the eagerly awaited rites of Spring are looming. Winter here isn’t the trial it is in more northern climes, and at times it is downright agreeable, but it can turn around and Bite at the drop (or blowing away) of a hat. Spring promises us pleasanter times to come.

Shopkeepers on the Edge of Eternity

01/27/2023 By Gwen

Standing Stones, Dolmen, Menhirs and Cairns… A Megalithic Landscape!
The land here is made of Magic. I look around me at this tumbled landscape of Stone and Mountain, and can almost see the hands of ancient giants at work. It is if they (?) were erecting standing stones and menhirs , or building cairns to guide, amaze and delight all who happen to come upon them. And surely, to remind us just how small and insignificant we are in the grander scheme of things.

If the land weren’t enough, the sky here is made to induce awe. In the daylight, shades of blue from the palest, to hues of such startling intensity as to dizzy the observer. Sunrises and sunsets range from ombre shaded pastels to lemon, orange and strawberry sherberts painted across the sky. And then there are the nights in West Texas, when the Dark Skies are so crowded with stars that it takes your breath away. They are a religious experience for the beholder.

[New] Beginnings

01/19/2023 By Gwen

New Year, New Dreams & Goals
I can’t believe we’re already over half way through January 2023! However, that’s what the calendar is telling me, so I guess I just have to go along.

In order to meet at least one of my goals for this year, I had better get this post written and published. I hope to be more forthcoming and interactive with my online presence this year. That means at least two Posts on this Blog every month.

We Wish You…

12/23/2022 By Gwen

Christmas is this weekend, and we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow want to take this opportunity to tell all of our friends and customers just how Much they mean to us. As the year winds toward a close, we find ourselves taking stock of just what matters the most to us. Thank you for making us a part of your community and your lives.

We are wishing everyone a very happy and safe Holiday Season, and hope that you all find time to enjoy yourselves, and each other. It’s cold out there as I write this, so please stay warm.

It’s also a time to realize the value, not of the things under the tree, but of the relationships with others that are forged all year around. I hope that we take the opportunity to appreciate all that we have, and then to share with others who may not have as much. It is the Season of Giving…