Merry Christmas
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From Our House…

To Yours! Merry Christmas

Here it is the most Wonderful Time of the Year, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone— friends, family and community as well as our amazing customers. We appreciate and are grateful to and for each and every one of you.  We are wishing all a merry Christmas and a New Year filled with fresh promise and hope.

If there was one Gift I could spread around to the whole world this Christmas Season, it would be Hope. Too often in our busy and complicated lives, hope gets lost in the shuffle, along with many other of the things that sustain and delight us. So, Hope it is, for all.

Holiday Schedule and Hours

As you probably know, once winter settles over this part of Texas in earnest, we tend to have our slowest months of the year. With a view toward that. We are taking an extra day off after Christmas this week. We will close Sunday [Christmas Eve] at 2:00 pm. We will be closed then through Wednesday and back in the shop on Thursday December 28th for our regular hours [10 to 5].

I will update next week, but we will likely follow the same Schedule for New Year’s, though we expect to be opened all day [until 4] that Sunday.  If we are closed through January 4th, it will give us some time to enjoy the holidays and to attend to household un-Christmasing [or De-Santa-fication as its called at my house].

During January and February we may close an extra day mid-week , but I haven’t determined that for sure just yet. I will let you know, and apologize ahead of time for anyone who is inconvenienced. 

Have a Safe and Warm Holiday. All the Best and Many Blessings,

Gwen, Gabriel and Gaia

Vintage Tom and Jerry Punch Bowl and Cups displayed with my collection of Plaid Aladdin & Thermos Bottles