Parade on July Fourth Weekend Fort Davis Texas
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July Fourth Celebration

Who doesn’t love a Parade? And there’s nothing like the kind of celebration that gets repeated all over Small Town America every Fourth of July. There’s something about a Summer Holiday— think Watermelon, Hot Dogs, Beer, Popsicles and Hamburgers. Fireworks on a hot, sultry night, and a Parade that goes right down the Main Street of Town. Let traffic wait while sirens sound, horns blat and people line the Street in folding chairs and the beds of pick-up trucks. Children scramble for the pounds and pounds of candy that gets thrown from passing floats and vehicles, music blares from trucks,  vintage cars, three and four-wheelers, motorcycles and every other kind of conveyance. A wheeled couch rolled past this morning. The number of horses are beginning to catch up with the motorized vehicles in our parade. There are more every year, it seems. 

To my mind, nothing compares to a small town Fourth of July, and this is Texas, after all. We do everything with over the top style here. I look forward to getting to our Over the Rainbow store early on Parade Day. Its fun to watch the build-up and anticipation, and I love getting out where I have a good vantage to take pictures. With that said, this is what it’s all about. I hope you enjoy the photos of the parade, and that everyone in Fort Davis and Elsewhere is enjoying this quintessentially American Holiday Weekend.

Parade 11

Fort Davis Texas July 4th Parade 2024

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