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Mother Mary’s Spiritual Goods

Metaphysical Supplies in Neighboring Marfa

We take the short trip to neighboring town Marfa fairly frequently. When we do, there are a number of stops we nearly always make. Aside from friends at  Pronghorn Marfa and Esperanza Vintage & Art on Highland St., there are several other shops, not quite downtown, but close enough to be nearly there, that we nearly always visit.

A favorite these days is the lovely and unique Mother Mary’s Spiritual Goods. The friendly and knowledgeable proprietor,Amanda Holstien, carries a diverse selection of metaphysical and esoteric wares. From Tarot Cards and other divination supplies to candles, jewelry, herbs and soaps, to incense, oils and potions, her offerings keep expanding.

Services she offers include Tarot Readings, Consultations for spiritual workings,  Sound Therapy Meditation, and Home or Business Cleansing.  Both Gabriel and I (as well as several of our friends and acquaintances) have had Tarot Readings done by this talented and intuitive woman, and found her to be both insightful and perceptive. I would definitely recommend her.

When in Marfa, don’t miss this exceptional shop. It will be worth your while.

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Mother Mary’s Spiritual Goods is located in Marfa, Texas at 903 W San Antonio St.

The Shop is usually open from 11 am to 5pm (4pm on Sunday and Monday). Find links to the shop’s website, email and social media below.

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I hope you enjoy hearing about other businesses in our neighborhood, both in Fort Davis and the nearby towns of Marfa and Alpine. 

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