Downtown Marfa
Marfa,  Shop Local,  West Texas

Go For the Lights

Marfa, TX

Stay for the charm. Not to mention the food, the art and the warm atmosphere that’ll keep you coming back for more. Marfa is amazing.  

We recently went and spent most of a day in this small, vibrantly creative town. Even though much has been impacted this year by Covid-19, it remains a destination not to be missed. A treat for the eye and the camera. There is something lovely, surprising, edgy or artsy (or all at once) around every corner.

It is a town that has taken a remote location, a daunting climate, and a few interesting quirks, and put itself on the Map. The surrounding landscape is lovely, as is the town itself. There is Art everywhere, and a creative vibe that seems to hang in the desert air like an irresistible mirage. It’s a cultural melding of Wild West, Mexico and Outer Space that just works. Marfa is unique.

We walked, took photos, marveled at the architecture and the quaint charm of the town, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We met Jennifer Esperanza of Esperanza Vintage and Art and visited her shop. She has since relocated to 121 North Highland Street in downtown Marfa. We will visit there soon. She was helpful and oh so informative about the area and businesses. 

We got take-out lunch at Para Llevar and it was wonderful. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on our future trips to this wonderful town.

Greetings from Marfa