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Alpine, TX

Small towns depend upon one another. Different services and businesses dot the landscape of each one. Alpine is a treat, from the wider array of services available to the quaint charm of such places as Murphy Street. We are only just beginning our exploration of this lovely town. Covid-19 has made this year difficult and trying for everyone. It has also put huge stress and economic hardship on small businesses everywhere. Still, it remains obvious that Alpine’s Downtown, a rather retro reminder of a more community centered chapter in American life, is a vibrant and innovative business district.

We can comment directly on several businesses already. Having just relocated, we have done a good deal of shopping with Mitchell’s Furniture and Flooring on E Holland Avenue. We first contacted them through our realtor, arranging to get our new home’s old carpet replaced with tile. Long story short. They did a superb job. Everyone involved was friendly, helpful and went out of their way to accommodate our needs. So, in need of furniture as well, we went to the store, met manager Joe Obbink in person finally (after numerous  phone conversations stretching from FL to LA to TX) , and purchased much of what we needed from them. I can’t say enough good things.

We grocery shop, like many people around here I think, partly in Fort Davis, stocking up at one or the other Porter’s in Alpine, and also, quickly becoming a favorite stop, Blue Water Natural Foods. We love the selection at Blue Water, the organic produce and specialty products that make a healthy lifestyle so much easier.

We’ve become fans of the Saturday Farmer’s Market on Murphy Street, as well as Murphy Street Mercado and Chisos Brand LTD. As time goes by and we get to know more of the businesses in Alpine, we’ll be sure to include our thoughts. For now, enjoying the adventure of exploring a place still familiar from our past residency, but very much changed, for the better we think, over the years

Murphy Street in Alpine