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Best Laid Plans

01/01/2021 By Gwen

Dreaming of a New Year in White

As 2020 comes to a snowy and most definitive end, I can't help but reflect on just what an odd and unexpected year it has been. Certainly, as we ended 2019, the decision to move back to our Home in Texas was already made. That, in and of itself, was quite enough to make the year since both singular and significant to us. However, we had no idea what this crazy year held in store for us, or indeed, the world.

I am a great proponent of choosing goals, creating your intent, then waiting to See what will happen. I learned so very long ago that the best laid plans...

Well, they almost never go anywhere close to what you anticipate.

And I'm good with that. However, when I closed the little online business my daughter and I ran together for five years, on December 31st of 2019, I fully expected to be up and running with that again well before now. Not only that, but to have opened the Brick and Mortar shop that we (my daughter Gaia and son Gabriel) planned during all those months of getting our relocation accomplished. Sometimes life has it's own agenda though, and for me at least, bowing to that with grace and patience is very much a required course. I haven't always been the most patient of people, so it has certainly been a growth experience for me. 

Several months ago, we found a likely space for our business in Fort Davis, but as of this writing this has still not panned out. Back in November, we discovered what we also thought might be a likely space, on  a visit to Marfa. We really resonated with this location as well. This threw me into a quandary of sorts. I'm experiencing more than just a small attack of very unaccustomed indecision. The plan has always been to open a shop in Fort Davis, yet I feel myself very attracted to Marfa, with it's lively art scene and lovely vintage downtown. There is an energy there that is most engaging. And I am not the only one experiencing this ambivalence.  

A Hopeful New Year

So, as we turn the calendar to a New Year, with 365 days still left to be revealed and lived, I still don't Know where our business will ultimately be. Since neither of the aforementioned locations have yet materialized as reality, we could very well end up back at square one. While that might resolve my/our indecision, it doesn't resolve the central issue of having a business without a home. I remain confidant that all will become clear though. I have only to continue to be both focused on my goals, and patient. These extra months of planning and reflecting have most certainly helped to bring those goals into sharper focus, and given us a clearer vision of what we wish to accomplish.

As I always have when uncertain in the past, I wait for the answers to come from Spirit from God. Following my Heart and my Guidance has never let me down yet. I'll just wait and see what comes.

In the meanwhile, I am wishing everyone a happy, healthy and blessed New Year.

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