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    Is it Spring Yet?

    2020 in the Rearview

    Living With 2020 in the Rear-View The winter, from whatever perspective I choose, has been both long and short. Time which was meandering along at a manageable pace, began flying by shortly after the New Year. Somehow it is March, and I have yet to settle in to 2021.  2020 now, that was a Year. A very long, very full, sometimes frightening and always eventful twelve months that seemed to last much longer. Except for the #deepfreeze and the Great Texas Blackout it flowed into (Now that slowed down Time for a few cold and…

  • Life,  West Texas

    Best Laid Plans

    Snowy Road Fort Davis

    Dreaming of a New Year in White As 2020 comes to a snowy and most definitive end, I can’t help but reflect on just what an odd and unexpected year it has been. Certainly, as we ended 2019, the decision to move back to our Home in Texas was already made. That, in and of itself, was quite enough to make the year since both singular and significant to us. However, we had no idea what this crazy year held in store for us, or indeed, the world. I am a great proponent of choosing…