2020 in the Rearview
Life,  West Texas

Is it Spring Yet?

Living With 2020 in the Rear-View

The winter, from whatever perspective I choose, has been both long and short. Time which was meandering along at a manageable pace, began flying by shortly after the New Year. Somehow it is March, and I have yet to settle in to 2021

2020 now, that was a Year. A very long, very full, sometimes frightening and always eventful twelve months that seemed to last much longer. Except for the #deepfreeze and the Great Texas Blackout it flowed into (Now that slowed down Time for a few cold and dark days.) this year is moving  like tomorrow can’t wait to get here. That’s my perception, of course, and very subjective at any rate.

In my last post, I spoke of indecision, of feeling as if I wasn’t getting anywhere. Well, I would say that I have been going nowhere fast lately. Spring lingers just around the next corner, and I believe I am ready to embrace it. Last year at this same time, we, as a country, were becoming embroiled in the fear, the politics and the social upheaval of what was quickly becoming a pandemic. This year, there is seemingly Hope to replace all that, a glimmer of light on the horizon. Businesses are re-opening, people are getting vaccinated, and we all look at life from a vastly different perspective than we did before Covid. 

Change is in the Air

Spring Plant Babies
Gaia and I have started trays of seedlings. Re-membering and re-learning how to garden here.
Green Beginnings for Spring

Life, it seems, is ready to change. I guess I’d better hold on and go with it. Spring, by it’s very nature, is a time of renewal. Warmth and growth succeed cold and dormancy. We want to get up and out, and Do, whether its outside in the garden or indoors engaged in something as mundane but time-honored as Spring Cleaning. Whether hiking trails or just strolling about town in the warming sunshine, the appeal of the season is infectious. Spring brings us out of cocoons, out of the hibernation and lethargy that winter can bring.

For us in this household, it appears, it is going to bring the beginning, finally, of a new enterprise. We have wanted to begin a business, and to more deeply connect and root into our adopted Home here. While our time in this current residency in western Texas is short, it has been the Home of our Hearts for a very long while. It’s time to become part of it. 

Hopefully, we will have an announcement regarding where and when we are going to open Somewhere Over the Rainbow, as well as more about what we want to do, very soon. I can’t wait. 

View of Fort Davis