• Merry Christmas from Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Events,  Fort Davis,  West Texas

    We Wish You…

    Christmas is this weekend, and we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow want to take this opportunity to tell all of our friends and customers just how Much they mean to us. As the year winds toward a close, we find ourselves taking stock of just what matters the most to us. Thank you for making us a part of your community and your lives. We are wishing everyone a very happy and safe Holiday Season, and hope that you all find time to enjoy yourselves, and each other. It’s cold out there as I write this, so please stay warm. It’s also a time to realize the value, not of…

  • Jericho Flower
    Fort Davis,  Shop Local,  West Texas

    The End Of Summer

    Is That Fall in The Air ☆ Or a Little Magic It’s the beginning of Labor Day Weekend as I write this— the unofficial end of Summer. By the Calendar, and the thermometer, no doubt, there are still several weeks left in the Sunny Season. It’s been up and down for us. Busy at times, and not so much at others. There’s no pattern that I can See so far, so I continue to watch and wait. Already, in just the few months we’ve been open, the shop has begun to morph and change. Often, you start a project with a vision, but it soon begins to take on a…

  • Masking Up
    Fort Davis,  Life,  West Texas

    Smile Anyway

    The Great Mask Controversy I’m doing a short post today in the interest of clarifying the position we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow have chosen to take where  masks are concerned. We recognize that it is an issue that raises a great deal of controversy. Like many topics these days, the middle ground seems to be lightyears away from the extremes espoused by one side or the other. While we don’t feel affiliated in particular with either side of this controversial subject, we have chosen a path that works for us. While we watch and wait to see how various governmental and healthcare agencies continue to weigh in on the…

  • Davis Mountains Rock Shop
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    Getting to Know Our Neighbors

    At Somewhere Over the Rainbow, we’re not just enthusiastic about our own shop. Small businesses, particularly those in Small Towns need to support one another, to carry that idea of Shopping Local to the next level. We have to Live Local, to remember our neighbors, visit their businesses and choose to keep our own dollars in the community whenever it is feasible. To those ends, we want to use space on our website to promote our friends and neighbors in Fort Davis, and all the neighboring areas. Look for a post about a business or local attraction we’re just wild about at least once a month on this website. One of…

  • 2020 in the Rearview
    Life,  West Texas

    Is it Spring Yet?

    Living With 2020 in the Rear-View The winter, from whatever perspective I choose, has been both long and short. Time which was meandering along at a manageable pace, began flying by shortly after the New Year. Somehow it is March, and I have yet to settle in to 2021.  2020 now, that was a Year. A very long, very full, sometimes frightening and always eventful twelve months that seemed to last much longer. Except for the #deepfreeze and the Great Texas Blackout it flowed into (Now that slowed down Time for a few cold and dark days.) this year is moving  like tomorrow can’t wait to get here. That’s my perception,…

  • Downtown Fort Davis
    Fort Davis,  Shop Local,  West Texas

    Living Local

    #shoplocal #livelocal Fort Davis is small town living at its best. Part of belonging to a community is spending your time and money there. Supporting your small businesses from merchants to restaurants, hardware to grocery, is part of what makes or breaks a town. We have long been proponents of shopping locally, of supporting our community and the small businesses and organizations that make it thrive. In Fort Davis as well as Alpine and Marfa, we have found a dazzling array of destinations to shop, to eat, and to enjoy this magnificent area we live in. The business owners we have met and traded with have been friendly, informative, and…

  • Fort Davis,  West Texas

    Take Me Home

    Fort Davis Texas Returning to Fort Davis after a twenty-year side trip… Sometimes, Life Happens, despite our hopes and dreams otherwise. And sometimes, you do get to come Home. This has been the case for us. Two decades ago, after having lived in Fort Davis for just over two years, we were diverted by life circumstances back to North Carolina. Though life moved on, and so did I, to Florida and then back to North Carolina several years later, I still missed Western Texas terribly. It just didn’t seem to be in the cards that I would ever get back here though. Eventually, although I enjoyed mountainous western North Carolina,…