Fort Davis,  West Texas

Take Me Home

Fort Davis Texas

Returning to Fort Davis after a twenty-year side trip

Sometimes, Life Happens, despite our hopes and dreams otherwise. And sometimes, you do get to come Home. This has been the case for us. Two decades ago, after having lived in Fort Davis for just over two years, we were diverted by life circumstances back to North Carolina.

Though life moved on, and so did I, to Florida and then back to North Carolina several years later, I still missed Western Texas terribly. It just didn’t seem to be in the cards that I would ever get back here though. Eventually, although I enjoyed mountainous western North Carolina, my parents’ declining health and the desire to spend time with the children and grandchildren took us back to Florida. Over this last five years both of my parents passed away, the grandchildren are growing up and busy with their own lives, and I continued to miss the wide-open air of this part of Texas. When I broached the subject to my immediate family, I really didn’t expect their enthusiastic response to the possibility of moving back.

So it was that in the spring of 2020, amidst Covid-19 Lockdown and general chaos, we put our Florida house on the market and began to plan our move. The house sold much more quickly than I expected, leaving us scrambling to get packed, to purchase a house here, and relocate. We arrived in early June, felt the sighs of relief that accompany not only having accomplished a huge and daunting task, but of being away from the crowding and stress that had become accepted ways of life on the East Coast. Now, a few months into our residency here, and more or less settled, we’re ready to start a new enterprise. By opening a business in Fort Davis, we hope to make our Lives here, to become an integral part of this community we love so much, and to finally be Home.

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