Merry Christmas from Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Events,  Fort Davis,  West Texas

We Wish You…

Christmas is this weekend, and we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow want to take this opportunity to tell all of our friends and customers just how Much they mean to us.  As the year winds toward a close, we find ourselves taking stock of just what matters the most to us. Thank you for making us a part of your community and your lives.

We are wishing everyone a very happy and safe Holiday Season, and hope that you all find time to enjoy yourselves, and each other. It’s cold out there as I write this, so please stay warm. 

It’s also a time to realize the value, not of the things under the tree, but of the relationships with others that are forged all year around. I hope that we take the opportunity to appreciate all that we have, and then to share with others who may not have as much. It is the Season of Giving…

Vintage Ornaments

Give Back ~ Our Community

Have a Blessed Christmas filled with Magic and Miracles