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The Great Mask Controversy

I’m doing a short post today in the interest of clarifying the position we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow have chosen to take where  masks are concerned. We recognize that it is an issue that raises a great deal of controversy. Like many topics these days, the middle ground seems to be lightyears away from the extremes espoused by one side or the other.

While we don’t feel affiliated in particular with either side of this controversial subject, we have chosen a path that works for us. While we watch and wait to see how various governmental and healthcare agencies continue to weigh in on the matter, we have adopted a flexible policy for ourselves.

There is a poster on our front window suggesting that Folks mask-up and Hide their Smile.  And yes, in case someone notices, I saw this poster on a shop in Marfa and liked it so well, I got one for us. At present, we are only suggesting that our visitors wear a mask. We are not the mask police. However, it is our policy to wear our masks when we have customers or frequent other businesses . 

We consider this, along with attention to cleanliness, handwashing, etc., to be the considerate thing to do. It is more a matter of responsibility to our Community and fellow beings than any overarching caution or fear. We believe that concern  and respect for others should be tantamount in these divisive and often confusing times.

In the mist of so much confusion and outright fear, we need to take the high road, to treat all with solicitude and tolerance. Wearing a mask is an easy gesture to make in that direction.

When You Go Out...

Smiling Masks
Hide Your Smile

We really hadn’t thought of carrying masks in the store (still waiting to see what the pesky covid virus was going to do) but we do have a few from Hatch Show Print where we purchased the poster.