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Fort Davis,  Shop Local,  West Texas

The End Of Summer

Is That Fall in The Air ☆
Or a Little Magic

It’s the beginning of Labor Day Weekend as I write this— the unofficial end of Summer. By the Calendar, and the thermometer, no doubt, there are still several weeks left in the Sunny Season.

It’s been up and down for us. Busy at times, and not so much at others. There’s no pattern that I can See so far, so I continue to watch and wait. Already, in just the few months we’ve been open, the shop has begun to morph and change. Often, you start a project with a vision, but it soon begins to take on a life of its own. I know that this same thing happens when I sit down to write, or begin a creative project of any kind.


And at its center, this is a Creative endeavor. We’ve taken this little commercial space not quite in a prime location, and started to tailor it to our needs, as well as our hopes and dreams. When I say that the location is less than ideal, don’t get me wrong. I love my neighbors, the Davis Mountains Rock Shop and Cueva de Leon. (I could eat there several times a week)

However, foot traffic doesn’t quite make it down this far very often, and we set just far enough back from the street that many people pass us by. We’re working on it. Making ourselves more visible, posting on Social Media and getting to know other people in town.  It’s a bit of an uphill climb though, so we’ll See.

Pendulums in Assorted Gemstones and Metal. A growing selection of handcrafted Jewelry by Gwen Simmons.
Hand Made Jewelry

Autumnal (A) Musings

As we close out our first Summer in business at Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I muse on what the Fall and Winter might bring. We have a sweet store here. Those that find it often compliment us, so I know it is not just me that thinks so. It’s tiny, and that’s a drawback, but it has character and charm, at least on the inside. I am still thinking about ways to make our space more appealing from the outside. 

The Etsy Shop is back up and running under the name Over the Rainbow TX (much like the website). That has been a fair amount of work, but is coming along nicely. The Print Shop is beginning to come on line. Gaia is working on several new designs, but we now have Fort Davis Tee Shirts and Tote/Shopping Bags in stock. There will be much more coming as we begin to hit our stride.

In addition to re-opening the Etsy Shop, I have also managed to find quite a few vintage treasure in the pile of boxes I still haven’t got to since relocating in mid 2020. A good deal of this treasure is gradually finding its way into the shop as well. I/we are believers in re-using and re-purposing at almost every level, and I will cover this subject dear to our hearts in future posts. Right now I am adding not only vintage furniture pieces, glassware, baskets and home decor items, but much of the jewelry I have made. I once owned a bead shop, and was a teacher for a number of years as well as a published designer in beadwork. 

And the offshoot of this is that I have a Lot of beads. I am listing them in the shop  as I get time. I also have lots of other craft goods, vintage and otherwise that will make it to the shelves as I can find it and get it listed.

For now, I am wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day (We’ll be open, by the way!) and looking forward to a lovely Fall.