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A Cool Fourth…

In Fort Davis Texas

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that July 4th is just a couple of days away. Maybe this last month has just flown by, or maybe we (Somewhere Over the Rainbow Team) have been so busy for the last three months that time just got away from us. However, the first big milestone of summer is definitely here.

I know I’ve been looking forward to it. Not only is it our first July 4th in the new store, but last year, in the midst of the Covid outbreak and having just recently relocated back to Fort Davis, the Fourth was such a let down. It was most certainly not the Holiday I remembered from my previous residency here. 

I had these fond memories of wandering around the Courthouse and Square by the Bank, enjoying the vendors and running into friends, listening to music and relishing the Fort Davis summer weather.

It looks like I can look forward to a similar experience this year, and I am so happy for it. And for a town, a state, and a nation also,  slowly emerging from such a dark and frightening period in our recent history.

Let’s greet it with hope, optimism and celebration. While we can’t control tomorrow, we can make our Today the very best possible version, and live it with grace and gratitude. Blessings to all this Independence Day Weekend..

Take 15% Off if its Red, White and Blue

Yup! It’s a Holiday Weekend Sale. 15% Off of our Red, White and Blue Merchandise. Also on our stock of Bird Feeders, Hummingbird Feeders and Bug Houses!

Feel  free to ferret out any other Red, White and Blue stuff I haven’t though of. An d whether you’re seeing the sites, shopping or just enjoying a small town Fourth of July, stop by and See us.

We look forward to meeting more of our neighbors, and to greeting the visitors that make this town the very Cool place it is. Happy Fourth of July from the Highest Town in Texas!

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