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Almost Famous— Again

Nah! Just Joking — But Featured

So grateful to be interviewed for Bold Journey Magazine/Website. Many thanks for the opportunity to tell my story (Bold Journey is a space to share stories and learn from each other’s experiences.) I went into it thinking that it would be similar to the article we did on Canvas Rebel  last October, but it a was a quite different format.

To tell the truth, it got me a little out of my comfort zone on several levels, and it’s always good, in my opinion, to shake things up every now and then. And,  beginning a new year (if you can call almost two months into 2024 still a New Year) after a very difficult  year (2023), both with the Business, and personally to some extent, I feel like I have needed  some incentive to climb out of the rut I’ve been in.

That aside, I like talking about the [Over the Rainbow] store, and posting pictures for those that don’t get to see it in person.  

I don’t do Photos (of myself)  very often, so I was hesitant when asked for one to accompany this article. Cameras make me nervous, and unfortunately, it always shows. However, I am trying to get a little better.  

Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m not shy. Maybe this is a case of “Facing those Fears”. I don’t know, but I guess I need to figure it out at some point.

In the meanwhile, thanks for following our website, and if you go read the article, thanks for that also. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the people who have followed us along on this Journey.

And Don’t worry, I’ll still remember you all when I am Famous 😉

Almost Famous - Again Bold Journey Interview