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    Earth Day 2023

    Earth Day/ Week/ Month/ Year I started my first Blog in 2012 or so, and as far as I can remember, an Earth Day post has been written every year since that time. I was observing Earth Day long before that. In fact, pretty much since that first Earth Day in 1970. As a teenager on her way to becoming an activist of one sort or another for the remainder of her life, I realized how dire the outlook for this planet had become. Jump forward over five decades, and the same can be said.…

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    Earth Day 2021

    Earth Day

    Each year, on April 22nd, since 1970, we have celebrated Earth Day. It’s original and abiding purpose has been as an observance to focus Awareness on the many ecological challenges this planet faces. Much has changed in the intervening years. Certainly more people are aware of the many problems confronting our environment, and the ongoing impact of issues like climate change, industrial pollution, waste disposal and the need for change in the way the agro-industrial complex produces our food, fiber and fuel. In the months to come, we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow will address…