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A Thoughtful New Year

12/30/2022 By Gwen

Looking Forward ~ This is West Texas, and if you weather it, if you survive its harsh and unyielding initiation, you will find that it gets inside you, that you become as volatile and unwavering as this land, and that you Love it with all your Heart and Soul. Now, the question for this New Year and those to come, is how to best serve this beloved place, how to best fit it and to live with it, and to properly honor it at the same time?

I already know that I want us to renew our Intent to Live our Ideals, to continue to promote a more eco-conscious lifestyle, to use packaging and packing materials that lower our impact and reduce our carbon footprint. I want to continue to support organizations, businesses and individuals who support and embody those principles we hold most dear. What I really want to do is to expand this vision of both healing and preserving the Planet, to include more space for Regeneration, for changing our attitudes toward the natural world and the way we [must] interact with it.