Fort Davis,  Shop Local

Building a Dream

Home Sweet Shop

Hoping the Foundation is Good

Having, after well over a month of hard work, finally opened Somewhere Over the Rainbow, we are in that rather nerve racking period of waiting to see. If you build it, will they come? 

So far, we’ve had a couple of really good days, and a few that have been anything but. We are on State Street, but a little off the beaten path, and sitting just a bit back from the road. Our next door neighbors are Cueva De Leon (Yum)and Davis Mountains Rock Shop (the business owned by my excellent Landlords Jim and Sue Franklin).

No business is an island, particularly a small business. We are interrelated with all the businesses we share space with, so to speak. Those local and nearby, those in adjacent areas, those who we do business with regularly, and those who we use as  sources for our own business. I’m not just talking about merchandise for the store, but hardware, supplies, decor and embellishment among other things. 

Local stores  like  Fort Davis Outfitters where we bought all manner of supplies, as well as one of our awesome front porch flower pots and plants.  And Higginbotham Brothers  for paint, supplies and all of the hardware we seemed to be in constant need of. 


The oh so lovely Talavera pots by our front door, and most of the plants that grace them are from one of our favorite shops, Murphy Street Mercado in Alpine. 

Other favorite things add just the right touches to the shop, and among them are my friend  Oriental Lucky Cat who greets visitors as they come through the door, a happy score from one of the local vintage shops. 

We are so interconnected out here in West Texas. I’m not just talking about as businesses, but as members of small communities in a region of scant population and wide open spaces. Behind and above my check-out counter, I have a beautiful banner, one of a series of Prayer Flags, photos of starkly evocative  landscapes beneath the beautiful desert skies I am so in love with, by local artist Liz Potter. Find more of her stuff @ The Wonderful Adventure

I found Liz Potter’s art (and purchased the Prayer Flag) from Pronghorn Marfa (back when it was Pronghorn Fort Davis) Pronghorn is the very cool shop owned by one of  my most favorite people— Mark Wilkerson. He was one of the first people I met in Fort Davis. His shop in Marfa is a filled with design inspiration and is an art lover’s dream.  I highly recommend visiting him.  Find Pronghorn at 125 N. Highland in Marfa, just next door to another favorite shop, Esperanza Vintage & Art owned by  Jennifer Esperanza.

It Takes a Lot More Than a Village ( or a Community)

An effort like opening a new business truly is, no matter what, a group activity. No matter how many people I mention, I am bound to miss someone I should thank or acknowledge. From the great people at the Fort Davis Post Office who cheerfully helped no matter how large or awkward the packages we got in, to our very conscientious UPS and FedEx delivery people, we own a debt of thanks and gratitude. 

A casual conversation with Betty at BeaTea.K  Gift Store (I love that place, and own more items from there than I care to admit to.) started me on the Path that lead to renting this current space and finally opening the shop after almost a year of trying to find the perfect location. Thanks Betty.

Perhaps the perfect place is where your Heart is at any given time. I think mine likes it here just fine.

We hope that you will come by and see us soon if you haven’t, or stop by again if you have. We are both lucky and Blessed to be someWhere we Love, doing work that we Love.

All the Best Till Next Time…