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    Finally Over the Rainbow

    Welcome to Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Open this Week We’re so excited (read: nervous, stressed and just a little crazy) to announce that at long last, Somewhere Over the Rainbow is Opening! Now, this isn’t the Grand Opening. That will come Soon, complete with a Sale and some Prizes I think. Look for an announcement in the next week or two. Our Hours are still a bit flexible, but look for us most days but Wednesday (Closed) from 10 to 6ish except Sunday. Then it’s 11 to 4! We’re looking forward to finally getting to meet a lot more of our…

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    Go For the Lights

    Downtown Marfa

    Marfa, TX Stay for the charm. Not to mention the food, the art and the warm atmosphere that’ll keep you coming back for more. Marfa is amazing.   We recently went and spent most of a day in this small, vibrantly creative town. Even though much has been impacted this year by Covid-19, it remains a destination not to be missed. A treat for the eye and the camera. There is something lovely, surprising, edgy or artsy (or all at once) around every corner. It is a town that has taken a remote location, a daunting…

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    Our Larger Local

    Murphy Street Alpine TX

    Alpine, TX Small towns depend upon one another. Different services and businesses dot the landscape of each one. Alpine is a treat, from the wider array of services available to the quaint charm of such places as Murphy Street. We are only just beginning our exploration of this lovely town. Covid-19 has made this year difficult and trying for everyone. It has also put huge stress and economic hardship on small businesses everywhere. Still, it remains obvious that Alpine’s Downtown, a rather retro reminder of a more community centered chapter in American life, is a…

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    Living Local

    Downtown Fort Davis

    #shoplocal #livelocal Fort Davis is small town living at its best. Part of belonging to a community is spending your time and money there. Supporting your small businesses from merchants to restaurants, hardware to grocery, is part of what makes or breaks a town. We have long been proponents of shopping locally, of supporting our community and the small businesses and organizations that make it thrive. In Fort Davis as well as Alpine and Marfa, we have found a dazzling array of destinations to shop, to eat, and to enjoy this magnificent area we live…