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Let’s Go Outside

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

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It's Spring in West Texas

As I write this, it is April and we have weeks of Springtime ahead of us still. The weather remains unsettled, see-sawing  back and forth between oh so chilly and almost summer-like warmth— between the sublime of perfect sundrenched days, and into a windswept dustbowl that tears the eyes, can chill to the bone, and paints everything in shades of dun and brown. But ahh, those days that tell of the warmer more generous months to come. If you aren’t or haven’t already, it’s time to get outside. 

I came upon the quote at the start of this post by chance a few days ago. John Muir’s words inspired me to write this, and sent me into daydreams of the warmer days to come. His sentiment is one I would wish for everyone in this hectic, busy, over-connected world.  We all need to take time to reflect, to witness the glorious world we are so priveledged to live in. And what better place than West Texas.

Though the rains of summer are yet to arrive, color is peeking through as the trees leaf out, and blossom. Everywhere there’s any extra moisture to spare, low growing wildflowers are popping up with yellow, pink or purple faces shining in the sun. And as always, the weeds, encouraged by the longer days and warmth are leaping up in mosaic patches of green.  The bright sun shines down mellowly, deceptively strong at these altitudes. Don’t forget your hats and sunscreen.

The Outdoors in Fort Davis are Fine

If you are looking for a place to enjoy novel and truly amazing Outdoor Adventures it doesn’t get much better than Fort Davis Texas. The list of things to do and see boggles, and we are convenient to Balmorhea, Alpine, Marfa and the Big Bend.

I’m going to provide just a quick list of places to visit while you are here. Check out the town’s website, FortDavis.com for more. 

This is only the start. There are numerous places in town to explore. Fort Davis is a great place to walk, shop, eat and photograph. If you like wine with your outdoor views, Château Wright Winery and Sandwich Bar is only about ten minutes from town on Hwy 166. Rattlers and Reptiles is towards the North end of town at 1400 State Street.  You don ‘t want to miss the Old Overland Trail Museum at 511 Fort Street. (Open Thursday through Saturday from 2 to 4.) 

Or maybe stop for an ice cream at Hebert’s Caboose Ice Cream Shop at 1250 State Street.  Always so much to do. And if its fun and unique shopping you’re looking for come on down to Somewhere Over the Rainbow at 603 State Street. We’d love to see you while you’re in town.

April Events Still to Come

For more Information visit Fort Davis, Texas Chamber of Commerce Web Site

Thanks for stopping by. Now, Get Outside!

Over The Rainbow in West Texas
Over the Rainbow in West Texas