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    Observing Earth Day 2022

    There’s No Time Like Now Desert Blooms- The Big Bend When I first started this post yesterday, I found myself climbing up onto the same Soapbox I’ve occupied for too many Earth Days now. Since my years spent Homesteading in the turbulent days of the late 1970s and through the mid 1980s, I’ve been repeating the same message. As have a great number of others. However, while these many voices over the decades have increased awareness and garnered recruits to the cause of this planet, it’s still not enough. Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd, 1970. In the intervening fifty-two years considerable strides have been made towards conservation…

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    Let’s Go Outside

    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. John Muir It’s Spring in West Texas As I write this, it is April and we have weeks of Springtime ahead of us still. The weather remains unsettled, see-sawing  back and forth between oh so chilly and almost summer-like warmth— between the sublime of perfect sundrenched days, and into a windswept dustbowl that tears the eyes, can chill to the bone, and paints everything in shades of dun and brown. But ahh, those days that tell of the warmer more generous months to come. If you aren’t or haven’t already, it’s time to get…

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    Just West of the Rainbow

    Seeing Past the Fear We come into Spring in West Texas, an unsettled time of year at best, in the midst of yet another unsettled situation. These last few years have wore on everyone— from Corona Virus or Covid, to an election that threatened to tear this country apart, and now a War half-way around the world— this country (and so many others) are stressed and divided beyond anything in recent history. I have thought deeply about this of late, and I am saddened that during a period when it seems that people should be pulling together, they seem to be flying apart. However, I still see a great deal…

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    So Where’s Downtown?

    Downtown★ Uptown★ Midtown★ In a Small Town This post is at least partly by way of continuing my whine about all the attention that goes to one end of Fort Davis, often at the expense of the remainder of this sweet West Texas town. Granted, with some few (and Notable) exceptions most of the Business District is clustered around TX Hwy 118, or State Street, once you’re in Fort Davis.  The Business District in Fort Davis actually stretches from the two junctions of highways 118 and 17 at either end, and in reality, a bit beyond. In a town the size of Fort Davis, I see no point in dividing…

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    Smile Anyway

    The Great Mask Controversy I’m doing a short post today in the interest of clarifying the position we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow have chosen to take where  masks are concerned. We recognize that it is an issue that raises a great deal of controversy. Like many topics these days, the middle ground seems to be lightyears away from the extremes espoused by one side or the other. While we don’t feel affiliated in particular with either side of this controversial subject, we have chosen a path that works for us. While we watch and wait to see how various governmental and healthcare agencies continue to weigh in on the…

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    Time to Settle In

    After the Grand Opening We had an awesome time last Saturday at the Grand Opening for Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The day was hot but beautiful and we enjoyed the visits from friends, old and new. We would like to thank everyone that came by and all who participated in the Celebration. A special thanks to the fine Folks from Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce for putting it all together. Congratulations to the winners in our little door prize drawing; Ann Marie, Jennifer and Sue. We hope to do more such promotions in the future. Creating a Niche for Ourselves Most of the Really Hard Work is done now, at…

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    Our Grand Opening on the Eve of Summer On Saturday June 19th Somewhere Over  the Rainbow will have a Grand Opening Celebration sponsored by the  Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce!! The Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is scheduled for 4:00 p.m., but we’ll be partying all day if you’d like to come by and join us. In honor of our Grand Opening (In real-time we’ll have been open just about a month) we’re having a Sale. Everything will be discounted 15% all day Saturday.  We’ll have Drinks and Snacks on hand, and a chance to sign-up for what we think are some awesome Door Prizes.  First Prize: A Mosaic Humble Bold…

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    Earth Day 2021

    Each year, on April 22nd, since 1970, we have celebrated Earth Day. It’s original and abiding purpose has been as an observance to focus Awareness on the many ecological challenges this planet faces. Much has changed in the intervening years. Certainly more people are aware of the many problems confronting our environment, and the ongoing impact of issues like climate change, industrial pollution, waste disposal and the need for change in the way the agro-industrial complex produces our food, fiber and fuel. In the months to come, we at Somewhere Over the Rainbow will address these issues and our views, as well as out abiding commitment to leaving the planet…